Essence Festival Recap & Words of Wisdom By Lisa Nichols

Words of Wisdom By Lisa Nichols

Essence Festival is over but the memories live on. The event was everything I expected and more. It was a little odd at first that I was there solo. I always imagined myself going to Essence with a group of girl friends for a girls only weekend getaway.

Instead I was there for a blogger activation for Niche Parent with My Black is Beautiful. Although we were busy and surrounded by people nearly 12 hours a day, I still felt somewhat alone. I was not at all lonely but instead totally and completely in the moment and grateful to be there doing what I love.

For me, my moment of empowerment came when I had a chance to meet and interview transformational expert Lisa Nichols.  The next day we had a dinner where Lisa shared a poem she wrote in honor of My Black is Beautiful. Lisa’s poem, advice,  her words, her wisdom, her knowledge. Powerful. I have adopted phrases from the poem into my daily affirmation.

During my interview with Lisa I asked her what advice she’d offer a young teenage version of herself. She went quiet. I could see the video reel of a younger Lisa in high school going through her head. Then she started tearing up. I couldn’t believe the horror and felt terrible for bringing up something I thought brought her pain. I had it all wrong.

Read on for more of my interview with Lisa and be sure to watch the video where Lisa shares a powerful poem filled with words of wisdom for all women. The poem brought tears to my eyes because it was so deep.

Words of Wisdom By Lisa Nichols, Transformational Expert

Nadia: If you had to give a teenage version of yourself advice, what would it be?

Lisa: {Laughs}. Okay. Hmmm. So I just went to my [ahem]  high school reunion and my picture was there and everyone was reminicinging. I would say to her…. you actually are getting me emotional.  Um….[tears up].

Nadia: {horrified} Oh…We can move on to another question.

Lisa: Oh I love this question! No, no. I don’t run from my feelings, I sit in them and I like to be with them. I think when you allow yourself to be emotionally naked and be with them you free the entire room. Apparently there is something being called [here].

I would  give myself advice and say to her: Don’t judge yourself so hard. Your beauty doesn’t look like anyone else’s, and it’s not supposed. I would tell her, you don’t have to do anything to be enough, you woke up enough. I would remind her that the experience she’s going through right now is only for now and don’t take out real estate in the moment. And the last thing I would tell her,  is a man’s rejection is God’s protection.

Nadia: That’s beautiful. Thank you.

Lisa: Sorry if I threw you off. I love leaning into this type of conversation. It’s a time of my life where everything I touch turns to gold. I could not ask for [more]. When you ask me to go back to my teenage self I was reminded of the distance. I can live in the now but only she knows the distance I have gone. These are gratitude tears.

In addition to being a transformational coach, Lisa Nichols is also a creative visualization expert and was voted #1 most requested teacher in the global sensation movie and book, The Secret. Her energy, her words of wisdom, this poem, I hold them close to my heart.

Tell me, what words of wisdom do you have for your teenage self? 


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