I’m Sharing My Goals for 2014 & Checking One Off!

Setting Personal & Blogging Goals for 2014 via @JusticeJonesie

It’s the start of a new year which means a fresh chance at new hopes, goals, and resolutions. As we transition from the old to the new, we get a chance to hit the refresh on life and work.  The statistics on how many people keep their resolutions is pretty dismal, however.  In fact, it’s pretty discouraging. More than 50% of people give up on their resolutions just two weeks into the New Year! GAH!

I won’t be one of them this year because instead of resolving to do this or that, I’m going to set a list  of goals and I’m going to make them easy and attainable. I’m also going to share them with you all so that you guys can follow up, give me advice, encourage me, and remind me to Get. It. Done!

So what are my goals? Well, one is to finally start vlogging! Not just start vlogging, but to figure out how to make the process easy and doable. My fear on vlogging has always been the editing process and looking like a rambling fool. I can’t tell you how many videos I have started to edit and finally give up on. Since another goal is to focus on getting stuff done rather than making things perfect, I will not allow myself to spend hours editing and refining video after video. I repeat, I will not spend hours editing and refining videos!

I will make this fun, I will enjoy the process, and I will just do it! 

So without further delay, here’s my very first vlog! In the spirit of full transparency— l did spend hours figuring out some very basic editing — cutting the video down in length, adding images, blah, blah. I also added a few pictures.  BUT…. now that I have figured out the basics I’m pretty sure this process will not take so long next time. Plus, I will not edit each video or shoot in the evening when all my natural light is gone. #RookieMistakes

Check out the video, I ended up getting a surprise guest that totally blew up my spot, plus, I made some really funny mistakes thanks to being a little nervous! Oops!

Please share your own goals in the comment section so that we can reach them together. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel– I promise the mistakes and funnies will continue- :)


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