Gisele Bundchen Called Bad Mom For Riding ATV With Baby & No Helmets

Gisele Bundchen Criticized for Riding ATV With Baby and No Helmets

Gisele Bundchen Called Bad Mother for Riding ATV With Baby and No Helmets. Image credit: Bob Bekian

Celebrity mom Gisele Bundchen is being called a bad mom – again. This time she’s criticized for putting her one year-old daughter in danger. Paparazzi photographed Gisele in Costa Rica driving one handed  on a private beach in an ATV wearing her baby in a carrier. Neither had helmets. Apparently this isn’t the first time Gisele took her baby on an ATV without a helmet. When her daughter, Vivian, was three months old, Gisele was photographed riding a similar ATV without a helmet, also in Costa Rica.

Parents were mad then, and they are mad now taking to social media to express their thoughts. The model is defending herself saying she was on a private beach going very slow.

Watch a video of the full story below.


It seems Gisele can’t get a break when it come to her parenting style or practices. First we’re upset she’s sharing photos of herself multitasking, or shall we say, nursing her baby while her glam squad gets to work. Moms also criticized her for piercing her daughter’s ears at 7 months old. Then of course Gisele spoke out about breastfeeding back in 2010. 

So what do you think? Is this much to do about nothing or are we right to be concerned for her daughter’s safety? 



 Image credit: Flickr/Bob Bekian


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    I wouldnt say she is a “bad” mother, she seems to really love her babies…I would say she probably just isnt very bright or is lacking in common sense. I saw a photo of Giselle and her baby girl on the beach and the baby seemed far from her on the shoreline and all I could think of was a rogue wave dragging that baby out before she could reach her…As a mother myself I prefer to be more careful than careless because you never know what can happen and you may not have as much control over the situation as you think you do.

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