Is Beyonce Possessed By Sasha Fierce?



Fans and media are still buzzing about Beyonce’s mind blowing Super Bowl performance that literally blew the lights out at the Budweiser Super Dome. Following her performance, I read a few articles about Beyonce throwing up the Illuminate symbol while she was dancing.  The symbol has ties to the alleged secret society formed in the late 1700s.  Coincidentally, the symbol also represents husband Jay-Z’s record label.

After reading several articles, I was convinced – Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Jay Z, Jennifer Hudson, and others are part of some New World Order trying to take over the world. I mean, they were all associated with the Presidential Inauguration after all. And a woman that owns  hips that can shut down the most televised event in the world must truly be a powerful force not to be reckoned with. Right?


I shared my revelation with the Hubby and he made me promise not to repeat my story out loud ever again. So I left it alone.

I didn’t think more of it until I watched the video below after a friend posted it on her wall.

Not only does the video discuss the ties that Illuminate has to Satan, but also has plenty of supporting evidence to show that Beyonce truly believes herself to be possessed by Sasha Fierce and is in fact possessed by her demonic spirit.   As in, Emily Rose possessed. Some important “facts” that the video points out- Beyonce is often quoted as saying she blacks out while Sasha enter her body- something that happens when demonic possession occurs.  It has specific quotes from several articles supporting her belief.  The video walks you through her Super Bowl performance and the symbols associated with it.

Since we know everything we see on the Internet and Facebook is true, I had to share it with you all.  Call me crazy, and a conspiracy junky,  but this video is very convincing.  Watch it and let me know what you think.

Is Beyonce really possessed and promoting satanic beliefs? Share your comments below. 

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    Oooh gurl.

    I’ve seen some vids of this nature in the past but I’ve got to say, this is the most organized and convincing! Have you seen the one that breaks down all of her dance moves from the Single Ladies video? That’s the one that got my attention.

    This is scary. Whether or not I believe what they are saying, I find myself uneasy whenever I listen to her music. It wasn’t like before, when I could get my groove on to Lose My Breath…something has changed. :(

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    So when I started reading this I thought it was funny, but now that I’m done this doesn’t seem so funny anymore. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. In the world these days anything is possible. Its all so crazy!

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      Onica, my husband thought I was bananas but I’m with you, the video has a lot of proof! We need someone to fact check the video though, and then I’ll be fully convinced!

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    Even before I watched the video (which is compelling evidence that really can’t be refuted, in my opinion) I believed you and agree with you. Are you are not crazy and you are not a conspiracy junkie. The woman is indeed possessed and does not understand her ultimate fate. And I must say, you are the first black woman I’VE personally come across (not to say there aren’t others) who doesn’t bow down and hail Beyonce. It was sickening to read the tweets and FB posts during her performance. So many praising her. And some even writing entire blog posts dedicated to her “wonderful” Super Bowl performance. Sickening.

    Keep speaking truth.

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    I’ve read and read and watched all kinds of information on her involvement with societies, etc… I’m convinced and was a while ago w/out even watching this video. Her husband’s videos are just as bad. I say this with the admission of enjoying her dancing but am also starting to feel way, way uncomfortable. But that’s how the devil works. He lures you with things that are so pleasurable.

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    Rachel says

    Times have changed so much. Music isn’t the same anymore. Whether its true or not I hope that these artists have a way out before its too late. They’re human after all. Sad…. And scary!

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    Tkeck says

    It was chilling. These are the people that our CHILDRENlook up to:/ people better learn to PRAT for their children and grandchildren!

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    Jacqui says

    Have you seen the video put out by Goodfightministries on youtube? Here’s a link…. It’s especially convincing because at about the 2 minute mark there’s some information about a satanist who had a book called “do what thou wilt”, and then they show a clip of JZ wearing a sweatshirt with that exact quote the front of his chest. I mean, how blatant does it have to be for people to realize what’s going on? I think it’s very sad that they have both taken the devil up on his offer for “giving them the world” but they’re selling their souls. I’m glad that people are taking notice. And we have to take responsibility as a public for “worshiping” these people!

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      Leah says

      I believe she is possessed and it is sad her child has to live without the protection and comfort of our Lord Jesus. I pray that people wake up and see this for what it really is. The anti christ is among us. Jesus is the way truth and the life! Praying for all who have been exposed to this video.

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    Jacqui says

    Also, Beyonce is quoted as saying that she can’t wait until she and sasha fierce (sorry but I can’t capitalize that name!) become indistinguishable. Honestly, I hope she never gets to that point, because I don’t know if she’ll ever return! I agree with others, they do need prayer.

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    Kari says

    I think the video is pretty compelling and convincing that there are a lot of demonic ties. Her own words and actions have made it pretty clear what is going on and I don’t think we should doubt what she herself has said about sasha and her own role in the whole thing. She needs Jesus.

    • 24

      MamaBee says

      Sasha’s rendition of the National Anthem would have been very different, that is why she didn’t actually sing. Did you watch the video? She asks this demon to possess her. Her own words. Does she really understand what she is doing? I don’t know. I think of Judas, he didn’t really understand until after the demon left him.

      I usually guard myself from things like this, literally makes me sick to my stomach because there really are people who worship satan, and they, I can’t even continue typing about it.

      My Comfort, the Rock on which instant, JESUS IS RISEN, and every demon KNOWS this truth, and they tremble. I pray she will be delivered before it is too late.

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    Amy says

    I think it’s hype. Honestly, has anyone heard of metaphor before? She’s most likely talking about taking on a new persona like an actress. When you are shy and you get in front of a crowd, you *do* have to switch into a different persona! It doesn’t mean she’s literally possessed! The video seems convincing because it doesn’t take metaphor into account. The best thing to do is ask Beyonce about this from this angle. She’d be appalled that people are saying this.

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    MamaBee says

    Beyonce was not on my radar until after the super bowl. Not that I hadn’t heard of her, but I don’t listen to pop music, so knew very little about her. A friend mentioned that she was a satanist, and though I think most young people think that’s a joke, it isn’t. Far from a joke. I would not have watched the video if you hadn’t posted it on your blog, as I was searching for the reason people are saying she is a satanist. Clearly she is, her own words state this.

    Think of Judas. After the devil left him and he realized what he had done, he killed himself. She is upset with the things “Sasha” does, and so her solution is to hope that one day Sasha takes total and complete control?

  12. 28

    mia says

    Everybody just takes these things way out of proportion….Beyonce strongly believes in God if anybody watches or listens to what she talks about, JayZ’s line is weird in comparison to some of the things in the video but why is everyone trying to take things way out or context? Why can’t she just be a talented young woman like she wants to be? Believe what you want, bit consider this: people will say bad things about another person out of jealousy and the same type of people will believe them because of their gullibility

  13. 30

    jenny says

    do you really think that this is true ? cause beyonce is a nice honest woman who can sing beautifully , it doesnt matter in life rather you vote for god ( allah) or …. the devil satian so i pick god allah and want to go heavan thankyou for reading , pls pick the right answer .

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      I am 35 years old dont look like it but 2 weeks ago me and my friend at work start talking about hip hop and R and B then he said a lot about all the top mics sold they soul 2 get rich
      and I didnt know 4 sure until he showed me evidence from G.Lewis a pastor from Texas and now I have a different look about hip hop and I been a fan since I was 3!

  14. 32

    jenny says

    beyonce is a great , talented young and older girl . i know that is not sasha ferice anyway ? so if we are beyonces fan pls write a note for me and say yes or no ok ….. we love god and hate the devil so lets help god by showing some respect its not about swearing and doing evil things , its doing right things like praying , spending time with ur family and help each other lets go for god !!! are you with me ?! thanks ur writer jenny

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    Shelby Carlson says

    In my opinion I think everyone should mind there own business. If she wants to worship the devil them leave her alone!! Just because she isn’t worshiping Jesus or any other kind of religion ya’ll have to talk down on her. A Christian is not suppose to judge so if she’s going to hell so is everyone talking bad about her

    • 36

      Nicole Jackson says

      I appreciate the dialogue and.enlightenment of information. Ignorance is not bliss. We have to be open and willing to have these types of dialogues and from.the comments.I have seen non have ddismissed this as rhetoric. Unfortunately, they have made a choice that we don’t agree with and now that we are enlightened…. what’s next?

    • 40

      Dawn says

      If u don’t join them they r going to come to your home n put you in a FEMA camp I’ve seen this I just hope god comes n saves us before it’s to late

  16. 41


    This was such a scary video to watch! I do not listen to or watch any celebrities! I censor what I listen and watch!!! Well she sold her soul to the devil for the love of money!!! Rap is crap I rather listen to country music!

  17. 43

    Satan says

    You folks really have some imagination….

    You really think I’m possessing Beyonce??

    Look, any red blooded Devil would jump at the chance to be inside her body, but I can guarantee you, if I was controlling her, she would be making much better music, and not this autotuned disco crap.

  18. 44

    no name says

    In many of pictures she looks….i will pay attention to everything now. I done buying music. We must pray. I see why many beliefs don’t allow television in their homes.

  19. 46

    Miss Magdalene says

    God is far more powerful than any of this. And those who sell their soul to the devil for any reason, fortune, or fame, have a price to pay. They feel they can live this life without regard for morals or consequences, but they are sadly mistaken. And to the poster calling himself “Satan” you are not Satan. But nice try tho. Those of us who still regard Jesus with reverence and firmly rooted in the love of God, have nothing to fear. The same cannot be said for those who have given themselves to demons, dark forces, and the devil. 3 D’s, triple doom. For us is heaven, I hope they see the Light. God is all merciful, and can forgive, but those who think they are above God have a very very rude awakening ahead.

    With Love,

    Miss Magdalene.

  20. 47


    First of all to the Only GOD and our LORD JESUS CHRIST and SAVIOR, I just want to say Thank You JESUS!!!! The Bible says “No man” cometh unto the FATHER, Except By Me ( JESUS ). I’m so full of Joy that so many people are being made aware of the tactics of the enemy (Satan).The Bible talks about in Hebrews 9 about CHRIST who Died and gave himself as the Ultimate Sacrifice for Everyone’s Sin. And even though he Gave his life for All of Us, he Rose from the Grave and sits on the Throne, the right hand of GOD. Anyone who confess with their mouth and Believe in their Hearts that he is the Son of GOD, shall be Saved, HALLELUJAH!!!! As Awesome, ALL Powerful, Merciful, and Loving as Our GOD is, he still allows us to Choose!!! He does tell us who to Choose, Choose ( JESUS ). So when our lives end, our home will be with GOD or Satan for Eternity. Hell is Satan’s domain, where he is Pre-Destine to go and his goal is to have as many Humans as possible to go with him. Satan hates your very being, don’t ever Forget that. And FYI for those who didn’t know, GOD doesn’t send you to Hell this is true, Its by Choice you Will go to Hell and Yes GOD will still Love You and NO, No One comes out. The Bible says” What does it profit a Man to gain the whole World and Lose Your SOUL!!!!! Unfortunately there are People still Choosing Hell everyday. And Living for JESUS IS A LIFE–STYLE, just like living for Satan is a LIFE-STYLE. If you pay attention and Listen to Beyoncé she said it herself how this power comes over her ” which she has Invited in “, through her Choice to be with the Satanic worshipers. My heart is so heavy for her and all of those like her and her followers. The only way out for her at this Stage would be Death. You can’t just Stop when you want too when your involved with the Satanic worshipping Illuminati Music and Entertainment Industry. How many times did Jay-Z say he was retiring? He’ll retire when he’s dead! Look at some of the other Huge Artist that said it or even mentioned it, where are they now? Either still working Profusely or Dead!!! The Bible says Know the Truth for the Truth Shall Set You Free!!!!!!

  21. 48


    In a performance aspect. I do theatre and am pretty quiet off stage. Before I go on I think I have forgotten all of my lines, dances, and feel nervous. Once I step on stage the character I have to play just clicks. I am no longer Sara. I am a maid, or Colombia, or Lorraine, Ect. I dance better, I hit moves better, I cry on point, and sing better. The months of practice and I become that character pay off and am not nervous….nor am thinking. Im just performing. I step off stage and its back to me. So trust me Im not possesed im just a theatre nerd that my character takes over.because I was trained to do that. I don’t know whats out there but from a performers mind there’s always that.


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