Election 2012: Four More Years!

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President Obama has won re-election! This morning I woke up proud and happy. Proud to be an American that has the right as a woman, a minority, and mother to freely exercise my right to vote along side so many others.  Also proud that so many women, Latinos, and African-Americans also exercised their rights and became an integral part of what helped re-elect President Obama into a second term.

As the President wrapped up his acceptance speech, another feeling took over me.  One of overwhelming happiness for the First Family.  This is our nation’s first family.  Seeing Mrs. Obama, Sasha, and Malia take the stage along side President Obama is powerful on so many levels.  The girls looked beautiful (and so age appropriate, of course).  In comparing the 2012 election photo to 2008, we can see the difference that four years can make.

And finally, as President Obama said, we battled fiercely these last four years. No matter what your party affiliation is, it is time for us to band together these next four years.  Our nation has re-elected President Obama for another term.  With everyone’s help, our country will continue on the forward path to rebuilding and recovering our future, for all Americans.

“[I]n this election, you, the American people, reminded us that while our road has been hard, while our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up, we have fought our way back, and we know in our hearts that for the United States of America, the best is yet to come.”

Congratulations, Mr. President!  Our future is bright and I stand behind you again!

2008 obama family acceptance speech

Click here to watch the entire election speech video. Image Credit: Flickr/BarackObama


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    I watched 8 straight hours of the coverage and speeches. Great time spent! I’m so thrilled for the country, for the 1st Family and for the rest of the ppl that couldn’t wait for this to be over. I was moved last night by his speech. It was strong, on point, passionate and felt really honest! I’m excited, particularly for the Latino reach!

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    I stayed up until after his speech, too. Some states were so close! I was worried about voter suppression and voter fraud, but with SO many people watching for it, I think no one dared try it. Kept seeing people on FB encouraging others to take pictures if they saw anything suspicious. And I think that Obama’s team were masters of social media. Let’s hope everyone (or at least one of the parties) wakes up and starts to actually work with each other to find middle ground and make laws to help the people like they were elected to do.

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