Live From New York! It’s #BlogHer12 (& A Family Vacation)

Family vacation spots

It’s the last day of #BlogHer12 and the entire family came to New York City with me. Yes, you read that right– me, the hubs, and all three kids. And, wait for it… we drove all the way from Florida to New York City.

Crazy much?

Yes, I know. Three kids and the husband in one car taking a 15 hour road trip requires a lot patience, snacks, entertainment, gas, and glasses of wine each night just to level out my blood pressure. Oh, it’s been an adventure. But really, the stress has all been worth it because we had so much fun. I love taking the kids on the rode and creating family memories for them. The excitement of other cities, visiting historical landmarks,  and touring, are priceless moments for me, and hopefully the kids too. This year, we couldn’t go back to Mexico since I’m working on the Niche Mommy Conference so when deciding what to do for our big trip, we decided to do New York and Washington D.C.

NYC Central Park

New York has been nothing but awesome. A few of the fun things we did was to spend an afternoon in Central Park. Reminded me of the trips I took with my Dad after my brother had gone off to college. My dad would take me to Central Park and a few times we rented paddle boats or bikes. For my 16th birthday, he took me to Tavern on the Green.

Now it’s my turn to share the same experiences with my own family. We arrived to New York a few days before #BlogHer12 and hit the streets running. Literally.

The kids ooh’d and ahh’d at Times Square.  (Don’t be fooled by my daughter’s face, she is actually super excited.)

Visiting New York City With Kids

We got some family fitness canoeing at the Lake in Central Park.  Was super happy to know that the fee was super reasonable – $12.00 per boat!  After an hour of rowing our canoe leisurely about the lake, I have a whole new respect for this sport.  The rowing machines at the gym are now calling my names if I expect my arms to look anything like I want them to.

NY Central Park

During the conference days, the kids continued to tour the city with the Hubs.  They did the double Decker tour bus,  went to the National History Museum, and so much more.  New York City turned out to be such a great city to visit with the kids and some where I know we’ll plan to visit again soon as a family.  BlogHer 2013 will take place in Chicago so maybe we’ll figure out how to get everyone there for another week of fun.

As for the conference, I can’t wait to share how much fun that was as well!  Stay tuned for more!



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    Love this post Nadia. Your family is beautiful… you are truly blessed. Growing up my family traveled all over together, mostly driving, and I have wonderful memories that stay with me always.

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    Hey Nadia! Looks like you and your family had a great time. NYC is such an amazing place and I enjoyed living close to there and getting a chance to return to my old stomping grounds during Blogher. It’s funny how you learn new things because I never new about those boats or about how reasonable they are. I enjoyed this post and wish we could have gotten a chance to chat at Blogher but I am sure their will be other times. Safe travels home if you are not already there 😀

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