The Plastic Surgery Debate: Should Women Get It?

The Plastic Surgery Debate: Should women go under the knife?

The Plastic Surgery debate has been in the blogosphere lately with several of Babble’s contributors weighing in on the issue and sharing their personal stories.  Since then, a few other bloggers have shared their own stories, criticisms, or salutes to the women that have undergone a procedure or two themselves.

To say that reactions have varied among comment probably is not a surprise to many of you.   The cosmetic surgery debate can get as heated as a conversation about politics or religion. And as bikini season approaches, and pictures of hot pregnant mamas like this one surface all over magazines and the web, many women may be exploring their options and perhaps consulting with a surgeon to determine the cost of liposuction or breast implants to see how much work their budgets will allow them to have, if any.

And since I love a healthy debate, I figured why not discuss the topic myself and see what you all think about the issue.

So here I go.  I think the decision to undergo surgery is certainly a personal one and totally up to the man or woman considering it.  Some people do it for health, others just to look better.  Whatever the reason, if it makes YOU happy, I say go for it!  Some women can spend hours and years in the gym trying to get rid of that baby pouch leftover from pregnancy.  Why not snip off that pouch if your able to do it?

Where I draw the line, however, is excessive plastic surgery.  Women like Heidi Montag from the MTV series The Hills comes to mind.  She went form 0-60 with her breast implants and all the other work only to look, well, plastic and no longer attractive.  She still looked natural after her first procedure. Unfortunately for her, she quickly became the example of going overboard.

Women like Heidi are the narrow exception to the other women that decide to undergo a little nip, tuck, or suck here or there. I think that in most cases, most women don’t look like the stereotypes we see all over the gossip magazines. Most women would probably be surprised if they knew how many of their friends, neighbors, teachers, etc., may have had some work.

Absent problems with the procedure, most women feel great about themselves after recovering from the surgery.  If it helps a woman to feel better about her body image and improve her self esteem, I say go for it!

So what do you think?  Is plastic surgery a good idea, bad idea, or do you prefer to  plead the fifth on the issue?

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    I have no problem with it at all (unless, like you said, it is overdone). The reality is that pregnancy, nursing and aging can really wreck havoc on your body – especially breasts and stomach. And no amount of working out or no magic bra can help. If you have the desire, guts and the money to fix it – as long as it’s done by a reputable board-certified surgeon – why not?

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    As usual, I find myself somewhere down the middle of this debate. I don’t have any problem at all with plastic surgery… unless it becomes an obsession (there are many examples out there) or a chronic way of hiding a greater problem with someone’s self esteem. Tummy tucks, nose jobs, breast enhancements (to a healthy size) are all fine by me. But, for the candidate’s sake, I hope they do a little research on the surgeon so they find out whether they are good physicians and not individuals who are going to prey on them for a quick buck.

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    Hey I’m with you if it’s something you want to get done then do it. I use to be one of those that I’d neverrrrrrrr have surgery and now i’ve caught myself wanting a couple of things just because of my weight journey and having babies. BUT… HEIDI IS CRAY CRAY she was beautiful and YOUNG (23 i believe) She said it herself on the hills show she did it because of insecurities and trying to stay relevant to the lifestyle she lived. Didn’t her surgeon die shortly after? I think so.

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    Go for it! And don’t tell a dang soul, if you don’t want to! However, I think since most noticeable procedures are done for your outward appearance, don’t be surprised if I take note of it. And comment. Take your example: Heidi was gorgeous before, and even more so with a nose job and her new girls. But seriously, now she looks like a complete train wreck. Why did she do all that? She WANTS the public to notice.

    After two kids and two years of breast feeding, my girls may get a little help… but I won’t be advertising it. Well, I guess now I just did 😉

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    I say to each his/her own. Personally, I think having one or two procedures done is fine. I wouldn’t mind a breast lift. But what I don’t like is when they go over board having surgery after surgery, until the person becomes almost unrecognizable.

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    I would TOTALLY get some boobs if I could afford it. I don’t want to be huge….but boobs would be great. I don’t see anything wrong with it if you don’t go overboard……maybe I should start a fundraiser to get me some! 😉

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    It’s a great debate and one I enjoy having. I’m all against it unless your current situation causes a health risk. My mother had breast reduction but she needed it — her back was in constant pain. However, I’ve dreamed of getting breast augmentation, to which my father quickly shot down the idea! I’m happy with what God gave me! It wasn’t mean to be any other way! 😉

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    Michelle S says

    It’s your body, do what you want to do, BUT per myself I would never go through with it. Not wanting to pay out the rear, haha I think I’m too scared of something going wrong in the process, not healing right and not wanting to change myself. I could get some rhinoplasty done, but if I did I wouldn’t be who I am. I know a lot of people do it to make themselves feel more confident, more secure about their appearance., to get better jobs because let’s face it–pretty people get more opportunities handed to them vs. having to actually work for them. Some of the prettiest people have the ugliest souls.

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