Tori Spelling On Owning Her Fashion Style

What do you think of this picture of Tori Spelling wearing a black, crochet cut-out “monokini” swimsuit and flaunting her baby bump?  I think this soon to be mom of four looks totally amazing in this suit.   I know that cut-outs and crochets are what’s hot for this summer and this suit does an amazing job of mixing both styles.  But what I  like the most about this photo is her confidence.  This mama is owning it.

Not everyone agrees, though.  There has been commentary that she’s showing too much skin and her suit is too sexy.  I personally would never wear it but if she feels comfortable in it, what’s the big deal?  How many times have we read articles about Tori Spelling being scary skinny? Or Anorexic? I think it’s great to see her with some weight on her and curves.

Tori Spelling pregnant


What do you think? Is this suit too sexy for a mom or do you think she’s working her baby bump? 

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    I ain’t mad at her. *thumbs up* I probably wouldn’t wear something like that on an ordinary day since I’m not celebrity status. If I was doing a fancy photo shoot, then yea.

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      Yea, I’d prefer a little more fabric around my crotch and underbuns, lol. And you know to those freaking out… this one piece has more fabric than a 2 piece. And I’m totally rocking my 2 piece this season, belly all out and erthang.

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    For me “ni fu ni fa” as they say. I’m not for or against it. My only take on it is that pregnancy is such a special time that I prefer the idea of not being so revealing, but I’m not opposed to it either. Just a preference.

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    Myself personally, I think it looks a bit trashy. I am conservative so this is doing too much. I do however love the swimsuit and if it wasn’t for my “rays of the sun” stretch marks, I would love to wear it 😉

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    I love Tori so i’m going to be a bit bias and say she can do no wrong lol But honestly if i were to see a mom out at the beach wearing these i would definitely do a double take. Given that she looks fabulous I’d probably smile at her and turn back to doing my business. I think if it feels good and it looks ok then rock on!

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      @Ruby, I’m guessing in person it’s a lot more revealing. I would feel the same way though, but she is sure working it. Not to mention she has a tiny baby that she just popped out a few months ago.

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    The bottom needs a bit more(: Yet, she looks great! I’ve been wearing a 2 piece with this pregnancy and I am so so so far from having that body(:

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    Bridgette says

    SHE BETTER WORK! I love it that she has the confidence to wear a swimsuit like that. A lot of women feel as though, we have to be soooooo super modest when we become mothers or get married. Those same sexy outfits that made that man drool when you guys went out on your dates, are the same outfits that you need to wear (from time to time) after you guys jump the broom or start having children. If we don’t wear those outfits then some other woman will!


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