Seven Cinco de Mayo Recipes for Your Fiesta!

7 Cinco de Mayo Recipes via @JusticeJonesie

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Try one of these authentic Mexican recipes!

Tips on Throwing a Themed Party

But first, let me add quickly that I love throwing themed parties. They are easy, fun, and a great way for me to channel my creative side.  Holidays like Fourth of July, Cinco de Mayo, and of course Super Bowl (Super Bowl is a holiday, right?) are the easier themed party to plan.  You can easily build your menu and decorate around those holidays with not much creativity involved.  And if you are crafty, then you can easily go all out.  Not so crafty?  Purchase a few decorative pieces each year and continue growing your stash.  So when doing your shopping, I say buy a few nice pieces each year (maybe one nice dish, a table linen, or some accessories) and make them the center piece of your table.  And definitely plan to use them again.  Lastly,  purchase after the holiday is over and you’re sure to get some great deals on sale.

Now back to the party….

I love to cook and in my next life, I will go to culinary school abroad, take photography classes, and become a food correspondent on the Today Show.  Until then, I’ll stick to playing around in my own kitchen.   In the “old days,” I would flip through my stack of cookbooks for menu planning ideas; now I usually plan my menu by stalking my favorite food blogs.   For our Mexican fiesta, I asked some of my favorite Latina foodies to share their favorite Mexican dishes with me.  They were more than happy to help out.  Trust me when I say these chicas know how to cook.

The Fiesta Menu

At The Bar:   It’s always fun to provide a signature drink at a party.  For this fiesta, I have suggested two signature drinks both by Vianney of Sweet Life Bake.  Vianney is the queen of margaritas.  I often drool over her pictures and ideas.  Go ahead and bookmark her site now.  Thank me later.

Prickly Pear Margarita

Pineapple Margarita 

Agua de Jamaica  – a non-alcoholic option by Silvia of Mama Latina Tips .  It sounds so refreshing!

Appetizers:  Have a few goodies available for your guests to munch on while you wait for everyone to arrive or before dinner is served.  Making mini versions of entrées is often an easy idea to implement.  Consider making the tacos below, in a a mini version.  This recipe was contributed by the ladies of Muy Bueno Cookbook.  Their food is “muy bueno” for sure.  (Ha, ha, that was cheesy! ) (Ha, did it again!)  They have just authored a cookbook so be sure to check it out this September/October!

(Mini) Chicken Tinga Tacos

The Main Course: There are so many different good dishes to choose from so I focused on my two favorite style of Mexican dishes, chilaquiles and mole.

Chilaquiles Verdes   by Maura at The Other Side of the Tortilla.  The last time I made one of Maura’s dishes, my guests were asking me for the recipe before they left the house. It was that good.

Enmoladas, or corn enchiladas with mole sauce = yum.  If you haven’t tried mole sauce before, consider trying it. It’s delicious!  It has a “secret” ingredient that is probably what makes it so darn good. There are many different kinds of mole but my favorite is the dark brown mole.

Dessert: What’s better than an easy dessert recipe after you have made a fabulous meal?  Nothing, really.  So for this fiesta, go for a traditional and easy Mexican dessert.

Mexican Wedding Cookies



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    All sounds delicious! I’ll be making my Tias famous green enchiladas but i think i will also try Silvia’s jamica its our favorite just never attempted to make it!

  2. 2


    I am not celebrating Cinco de Mayo because it’s my sister’s bridal shower that day. We are actually doing a Southern theme. May stop by Vianney’s site for drink ideas!

  3. 3


    I’ve never really gotten into Cinco but the few times I’ve entertained the festivities, I end up with stomach pain from laughing at all the drunkeness!! wow. Great round-up. I’m interested in those enmoladas. Never had them but they sure sound great!

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    Thanks for including our Chicken Tinga recipe. We had a wonderful time celebrating Cinco de Mayo. This year I made Tacos al Pastor. Everything was so delicious! I look forward to hosting another fiesta soon and incorporating some of these other yummy ideas. Hope you had a festive weekend.

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