Caution: Getting Old Causes Injuries

LV birthday cake

I never thought I would actually begin to feel old but this week, life seems to have started to play an evil trick on me.  In  just a few days, I’ll be turning, ahem, 25. That big birthday kind of crept up on me because for years I was telling people the wrong age.   In my 20s, I thought it would be cool if I said I was 30.  Thirty just seemed so prestigious and mature.  Than all of a sudden, I turned 30, I couldn’t really remember how old I really was.  I was usually off by a year or two, give or take.

It wasn’t that I was ashamed of my age.  I look much younger than I actually am so I enjoyed seeing people’s reactions when they learned how old I really was.   And regardless of what my driver’s license actually says, I have always felt great.  I have just as much energy as the 22 year old college student at the gym.  My mindset was that age really was just a number.

Even with my oh, so youthful appearance, this mama knows that it’s all about preventative action.  I must do what I can to keep myself feeling and looking this young and fabulous as long as possible.  That’s when I started investing  in anti-aging products and eating healthy and staying fit.

You know, all that stuff they recommend we do.

Don’t get me wrong, I was not and have never been obsessed about my age.  Nothing like that.

But wouldn’t you know, that the very week I am scheduled to turn a milestone birthday, I wake up with a bum hip?

I’m not sure how it exactly happened but I am guessing that the injury took place somewhere between running six miles to my in-laws house and then rushing out to dinner as soon as I got there.  In true form, I decided to “multitask.”  We were scheduled to spend the afternoon at my in-laws so I decided to spend part of that time running to their home.  So while hubby and the kids drove there, with my purse, change of clothes, etc., I ran there.   I hit the pavement and felt great, ran faster than I normally would, and then as soon as I arrived, I showered, and never stopped to stretch, drink water, or really even sit down after my run.

The next day, I wake up with a twang of discomfort in my hip.  The second day, I climb out of bed and I can barely walk. It felt like someone had pulled my leg socket out of my hip socket.   Some steps were okay, then other steps my muscle would spaz and cause me to SOL (scream out loud). I almost didn’t know what to do that I ended up cracking up over the insanity.

Was this really happening to me?  I am way to young (and fabulous) to have hip issues.  Plus, as I mentioned, it’s my birthday week and I have a big birthday weekend planned where I will be dancing the night away on Friday and Saturday.  More importantly, I have a very cute and sexy outfit that will show off all this running I’ve been doing.  And I plan to wear four-inch heels with my outfit.

So as you can imagine, a bum hip is not on my agenda this week. I’ve been resting it all week hoping that it feels much better ASAP.  I need this multitasking injury to be all gone by Friday.

Wish me luck!  Until then, I’m hoping the above cake shows up somewhere along the way this weekend. Isn’t it just amazing?


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