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Justice Jonesie & Marc Moriel, CEO of the National Urban League: Blogalicious 2010


Last weekend, the third annual Blogalicious Weekend conference took place in Washington D.C.  Many of you attended, had a blast, and learned great information.  During the conference, many of you were surprised to learn that I wasn’t there and even more surprised to learn that  I was no longer a partner in MamaLaw Media Group, the company formed between Justices Fergie, Ny, and myself in 2009.


Since then, many blog posts, vlogs, and articles have been published about the conference.   It’s been fun to see the pictures, read the stories, and I was thrilled to see that Justices Ny and Fergie planned another successful weekend.  But then I came across one article that really just caught me by surprise.  It was written by journalist and fellow lawyer, Jenebe Ghatt of Jeneba Speaks.  To say the least, I was shocked.  And then embarrassed.

Her article, published in, explains that I was one of the original founders of the conference (true), but then attempts to explain why I left “Mama Law Media.” [sic]. The article states that, “The [Blogalicious] team has since dwindled down to two. Justice Jonesie, an original member of Mama Law Media determined the stresses of producing the conference so far from her home in Jacksonville, FL was too much. The remaining members Justice Fergie and Justince Ny have soldiered on.” [sic]

Umm, what?

The reason why I decided to leave MamaLaw (one word) Media Group had nothing at all to do with my work ethic or the stress related to “producing a conference so far from [my] home.”

This is simply wrong. Inaccurate and untruthful.  False. Incorrect.  [Let’s see, any other ways to describe not true?]

Seeing as how I have never spoken to Jeneba, I am unsure as to how she came up with this conclusion. 

Either way, I tried to reach out to her by leaving a comment on the post. In my comment I said her facts were incorrect.  I also  invited her to contact me for further information.   No big deal that she never reached out to me, but I was hoping she would have at the very least removed the statements.   While some changes to the article were made the very next day, nothing was changed regarding her false statements about me. 

Hmm, interesting.  Strange, at the very least. 

I could get into a long story about journalistic integrity and social media responsiblity but what’s the point?   The only thing I want to do is to correct the record.  Since Jeneba has not responded to my comment on her post, I was left with no choice but to respond here.   I have several projects that I’m involved in, several jobs that I work, and some very exciting projects in the works.  Many of us are bloggers and entrepreneurs.  You understand how important your name and integrity are in this space. 

As a lawyer, blogger, entrepreneur, and law professor, mom of three, etc.,  I would hate for anyone working with me or wanting to work with me to read her article and mistakenly assume that I’m not a hard worker or quit when the going gets tough.  Or that I leave the rest of my team to pick up the pieces and “solder on without me.”

Now excuse me while I return to basking in the glow of First Lady Michelle Obama’s presence (Wait until you see those pictures!)





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    Ugh, I’m so sorry! Why do people feel the need to talk when they have no idea or haven’t even bothered to fact check. What’s in it for her?

    You were dearly missed at Blogalicious, but you are such a beautiful, bright and passionate woman that I’m sure you didn’t take the decision lightly.

    I doubt that anyone that meets you or is around you will ever doubt your integrity. Ever.

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    Jonesie, I did respond to you directly via DM on Twitter. Please check your DM. I replied as soon as I saw it via a direct and non public format offering concessions. Once you verify that, we can talk some more and perhaps privately and off line.

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    Further, let me clarify that I DID GET A DIRECT SOURCE OF INFORMATION FROM THE PUBLICIST FOR BLOGALICIOUS. Why do you think I would just make up something like that randomly? I do have journalistic integrity and have no reason to just make up stuff. The standards that apply to other media entities apply in our case. When we get a direct source of information, we publish that and my editor said he would correct it with the proper information. I reached out to you for the right story and got NO RESPONSE from you other than this post.

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    THANK YOU for reaching out and clarifying where you got the false information from.

    I admittingly did not see your DMs and expected an email since I left a comment on your post. I apologize for saying you didn’t reach out.

    Now that you and I have been in contact, I fully anticipate a correction or a removal.
    Thank you.

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    Let’s do this: My editor said he will talk with you about your concerns since it is ultimately up to him, not me, to make any changes as I have no authority to go in and edit posts, once made. You can email me the contact addy for you at jjghatt (at) and we’ll go from there. Thanks for agreeing to set the record straight. I too would hate to have the accusations about my journalistic integrity lingering on the internet. I try to be forthright, open and honest and to not backstab folks.

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    This is not just unfortunate but created discord that in my view as an attendee of Blogalicious, is antithetical to the ethos of community and one-united-tide-lifts-all-boats. I have spoken at length and written about the rub between journalism and ethics in the digital and social space:

    I follow a golden rule I learned early in my career which I practice religiously: 2 separate, independent confirmations by reliable sources and documents if appropriate, in addition to reaching out via several forms of communication to the subject, before I publish a story. Period.

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    I’m with Morena. Regardless of it being in SM or not, lies, misrepresentations, etc.. on any level are not acceptable and simply unnecessary. And, knowing you’re a lawyer, you’d think they’d correct the misinformation w/out blinking!

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      Jason Voor says

      Seems like it’s a case of she said-he (she) said. Since the publicist is the original source of the “mis-information” who is to say which party is correctly relaying facts.

      The best anyone can hope for in this situation is to be able to tell both sides of the story and let the audience decide.

      Thank god for freedom of speech.

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