Fairmont Mayakoba: Riviera Maya, Mexico


I feel like traveling.  How about you?  

If I could be anywhere right now I would be at the Fairmont Mayakoba in Riviera Maya, Mexico.  I’ve never been to the Riviera Maya before but I heard a lot about it.  It’s a tropical Mexican getaway located about 40 miles south of Cancun and nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Xcaret wildlife and nature reserve.

The Fairmont Mayakoba Resort is currently offering their Family Adventure package at 30% off that includes breakfast, cooking lesson, kids activities, spa & golf .  Seeing as how I just spent the entire summer with the kids day in and day out allll daaaayyy long, (ahem), I would likely go without the kids.  The Boot Camp Spa Package, also 30% off, sounds perfecto.  It includes access to the fitness concierge for a customized spa and fitness program during  your stay, $200.00 food and beverage credit, spa treatment, and more starting at $279.00 per night for double occupancy.  That’s  279.00 x 4 = 1116/2 558.00 per person.

Hello— Fab-u-losity!

How could I not go?  After all, I’m training for a half-marathon and right now, fitness should be my top priority, right?  All I need is someone to give me $558.00 (because, really who has any travel money right now) and another person to split the room with.  Since I’ll be doing the boot camp thing, we really shouldn’t be eating anyway, so technically the $200.00 food credit should be perfect for me us.

So, who’s coming?! 

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